BRC Construction Group LLC
License #13VH05876500
BRC Construction Group LLC is primarily comprised of family members.

The firm of BRC design/construction group is primarily comprised of family members.
The firm derives from a company started by the STRANO BROTHERS in Asbury Park, New Jersey,over 100 years ago.  The company is now in the control of the grandsons and is located in the same shore area. Our firm is capable of taking a project from the conceptual stage on through certificate of occupancy, in the capacity of architectural designer, general contractor, construction manager or as construction consultants.The scope of work that we are capable of includes  building,design and gaining approvals,any required engineering, obtaining financing and dealing with local, state and federal agencies.In essence we can take a project from start to finish. We take great pride in the quality of our people,their attention to detail,ability to coordinate with a great deal  of reliability.  All of these qualities are present in the final product. As you will see, our company"s backround stems from many years of experience along with  a background of higher education. We have dealt with every aspect of Design, Construction,  and Rehabilitation, both residential and commercial structures. This includes approvals from all shore areas, local boards, state boards and federal agencies. Our  firm  is there for you in this time of need to solve your problems!  We  will obtain all necessary approvals and have  you back in your home or place of business in rapid time. If you choose, we will overlook your subcontractors to make sure their work  is completed right and the cost is in accordance with the cost agreed upon.  This can be performed for a percentage or flat fee.

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